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For nearly 100 years Dathan Tool & Gauge has been manufacturing measuring instruments and gear cutting tools for industry sectors spanning automotive, aerospace, agricultural, power generation, construction and oil and gas.

Gear cutting tools for multiple sectors

 Within a high production industry such as automotive there is a requirement for repeat tools with high wear and usage; with technical departments constantly looking to tweak and improve.

Dathan work in partnership with many automotive manufacturers and their design and technical departments to provide gears and splines.

Similarly in the agricultural sector, Dathan provide gear cutting tools for machinery such as earth moving equipment and cranes.

In the aerospace industry there are fewer tools but those that are required are more specific and need to have the ability to cut very high alloy materials with extreme precision. The type of gear tools will be used in the manufacture of engine gearboxes, landing gears and splines in accuators and flaps.

Key clients are located in Scandinavia, Europe, Asia and North and South America.

For more information on the industry sectors we work in, or to discuss your specific project, please get in touch.