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Bespoke CNC machine commissioned by Dathan 

Dathan recently introduced a new bespoke CNC machine into their factory that has been commissioned specifically for lip and chamfer sharpening work.

New CNC machine for gear shaper cutter and skiving tools

The Dathan team had the machine designed to their specific requirements, to cater for customers who require repeat sharpening of gear shaper cutters and skiving tools.

Dathan director, Robert Moorhouse, commented: "This machine represents a significant investment for the company and will enable us to increase our capacity for both servicing and sharpening of gear shaper cutters and cross-axis / power skiving tools.

This purpose-built TG4 machine is also the first CNC machine that will allow us to provide a lip and chamfer sharpening service to our clients."

For more information on the capabilities of the TG4 please contact 01484 851207.