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Gear Hobs

Gear hobs from Dathan
Gear hobs from Dathan

Dathan supply top-quality high-performance gear cutting tools for the latest generation of hobbing machinery.

We have the capability to produce all sizes and qualities of hob cutters.

Body Shapes: High-quality solid hobs are manufactured to order in any of the recognised body shapes from 64DP (0.4 MOD) to 1DP (25 MOD) with bore or shank fittings to suit the machine requirement.

Tooth Shapes: Hobs are produced to cut gears, splines, serrations, sprockets, ratchets, worm wheels or any special tooth shape on external components.

Materials: Hobs may be supplied manufactured from any of the available grades of high speed steel, dependent on the component material and number of components to be produced.

Coatings: We can produce hobs in a selection of PVD coatings, including titanium nitride, titanium carbo-nitride, titanium aluminium or the latest multi-layered coatings.