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Shaving Tools

Example of gear shaving tools from Dathan
Example of gear shaving tools from Dathan

Dathan Tools offer a complete range of gear shaving tools, either prepared for finish grinding or finish ground to exact specification.

Our shaving tools, which are typically used in the automotive industries as a method of putting a finished final profile on the gear, are supplied to comply with all four methods of gear tooth shaving - underpass, conventional (transverse), diagonal and plunge.

Underpass method - this is the most efficient with regard to speed and economy, as it integrates the high speed of plunge and the shaving stability of conventional.

Conventional (transverse) method - this would be selected for wide face width gears, using a tool less wide than the component.

Diagonal (traverpass) shaving method - this is economical, but requires a clear space at each side of the component (so is not suitable for shoulder gears).

Plunge method - this is the quickest of the methods and is generally used by high-production factories, such as in the automobile industry.

There are two ways to create shaved crowning on a gear. The first is with a crowning attachment using either the conventional or diagonal method.

The other system requires a special shaving tool with a concave lead on the teeth and uses the underpass or plunge method.